…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Shortly after the clinking of glasses and a few midnight kisses and hugs were exchanged, he excused himself and shuffled off to have a moment to himself in the bedroom where the coats were being kept.

He pulled out the piece of scratch paper he had torn off the kitchen memo pad earlier that day, the one he had neatly folded into quarters and slipped into his pocket the moment he had decided to make New Year’s resolutions but didn’t yet know what they would be.

He decided to think of a few quick before his buzz wore off and he’d second guess himself. He fumbled for his pen, got it uncapped, and quickly scrawled:

1)      Be less judgmental.

2)      Eat better—less junk food!

3)      Finish, stage Kazaam: The Musical.

He figured three was enough; he stopped and reviewed.

Who was he kidding? He was obviously not going to do any more than two of those things. And he already knew what one of them would be: He’d finished the entire book and about half the music for K:TM (as he called it), and it was going REALLY WELL.


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14 thoughts on “K:TM

  1. Will Shaq be playing the genie in the musical, as he did in the movie? I would so go see that!

    The hardest part about reading micro fiction is that I want to KEEP READING! Love the tone of this story, especially the first sentence.

    • 8thdayfiction on said:

      I’m assuming Shaq’s not much of a singer (although he’s a FANTASTIC actor). I’m thinking someone like Jesse L. Martin would be a good stage Kazaam; he was in “Rent”, so he can act and carry a tune.

      But that’s just me. It’s not my call; I’m not the one writing the musical. Thanks for reading!

  2. I look forward to reading, this is quite ambitious to write and edit every day. And I’ll try to remember to leave my shoes by the door so you don’t have to vacuum and write every day!

    • Eh, no big deal if you forget about the shoes–vacuuming’s easy with the Swiffer Wet Jet. YES! My first gratuitous product plug! I BETTER GET A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF FREE SWIFFER WET JETS, PROCTER & GAMBLE.

  3. Nice work Brian! I’m really looking forward to reading this blog! I always felt that haiku’s were too short, and so I’m glad you’ve expanded your word count. But where do we go from here? I think writing a novel a day might add too much stress to your life. Maybe shoot for a novella a day next year…

    I hate to be THAT GUY in my first comment, but I’ll risk it anyways. I think you might need to change your sentence “He decided to think of a few quick before his buzz wore off and he’d second guess himself.” Shouldn’t it be something like “He decided to think of a few quick ONES before his buzz wore off and he’d second guess himself.” Or we could go Strongbad-style and switch it to “drink a few cold ones.”

    Anyways, I love what you’re doing, and I thought I would help out by pointing out a minor typo.

    • Good point. I guess when I wrote that sentence, I was thinking just writing “a few” would suffice because it’s implied that “a few” refers to “ones”, or “resolutions”, specifically. But it would be clearer to say “a few quick ONES”. Maybe the way I had worded that sentence is some weird PA Dutch/Eastern PA way of phrasing things that seems perfectly normal to me but isn’t quite correct. Ah well, what’re ya gonna do? I’m sure that’ll be the first of many minor (I hope) typos.
      I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for reading!

      • Hmm, I must have read it in a weird PA way or something, too, because I was assuming that “quick” was actually an adverb describing “think” and not that the resolutions were quick. I assumed that grammatically, it should have been “quickly” but that the protagonist was not really polished in the grammar realm and so used “quick.” It’s fun to try to read the sentence in a different way…

    • Hey Jim, did you read Laura’s reply? We were talking about this and what she said is what I was going for: “…think of a few quick” should be “think of a few quickLY”. I’m not sure why I wasn’t able to figure that out when I first replied to you. Maybe the babies were crying. Sure, that sounds good. Let’s blame them. The poor, harmless, innocent babies. Why not?

      So yeah, leaving the “-ly” off the adverb probably is some kind of Eastern and/or Central PA colloquialism. My mom and dad were both born and raised in Lancaster. Maybe the Amish are to blame. But anyway, “…think of a few quick ONES” or “…think of a few quickLY” would’ve been correct.

      Maybe you could be my editor. I can pay you an annual salary of $0, but I’ll double it every year.

      • Oh, I see. ‘Quickly’ definitely works, but apparently so does ‘quick’ if you are from PA. In that case, you could just leave it as ‘quick’ and try to develop a western PA writing dialect. At any rate, you should definitely blame your upbringing and the innocent babies. As a rule of thumb, I think blaming two separate parties is always better than one.

      • Yes–blame ’em both and let them sort it out! HAHA!

      • Nagoya Laura on said:

        In German, we don’t distinguish between adjectives and adverbs, and I think that is the case for a lot of people in the U.S., too. I’m guilty of it myself, too, often using “good” when I should use “well”. I liked the use of “quick” in your story, and just thought I was reading it from the protagonist’s perspective, as Laura pointed out. In any case, it’s fun to read your writing again, years after The Helmet Head Journal. 🙂

      • Yeah, “good” in place of “well” is something I do, too. Thanks for the additional info, and for reading!

  4. Karen Wingard on said:


    Good for you. I look forward to reading 8thday throughout the year. I don’t believe I know anyone so motivated as you to carry out a plan day after day once you have decided on it. One of these days I would love to read your haikus.


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