…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Beach Blanket Plinko

It was about a half hour into their fifth band meeting in as many days when Jake decided he was quitting. Or rather, that he was going to get himself fired.

He couldn’t take it anymore. This meeting, like the other four, was convened for the purpose of picking a band name. Never mind that they hadn’t even written ONE song yet or even worked out some covers they could do to pad out their set until they had a handful of their own tunes ready.

Nope, the band was still at an impasse over their name. The leading contender was “Seks Uffendurz” (yes, spelled like that), if that tells you anything. It was Dex’s choice (side note: Dex’s real name was Dave; he had taken to calling himself “Dex” once the band formed for reasons known only to him).

So Dex was defending “Seks Uffendurz” and how it was an “edgy” choice when Jake decided he’d start rattling off a list of ridiculous band names and wouldn’t stop until Dex had fired him. Dex hated to be interrupted—almost as much as Jake hated the word “edgy”.

It didn’t take long. About ninety seconds into his list—right after he suggested “Tori Amos Tribute Band Tribute Band”, and as he was offering “Beach Blanket Plinko”—Dex canned Jake in a hail of profanity.

On his way out the door, Jake heard the last thing he’d ever hear from the band: Mike sheepishly telling Dex, “Dude, I kinda like ‘Ben Linus Van Pelt’.”

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12 thoughts on “Beach Blanket Plinko

  1. Keep them coming, Brian! I’m loving them! Love ya, Mom

  2. You certainly made me as the reader really agree that Jake should get out of there, even though we knew him for such a brief time. I had totally forgotten that Linus from Snoopy/Peanuts had the full name of Linus Van Pelt. It’s strange, however, to think of Linus somehow ending up on the set of LOST. Kind of like Big Bird ending up on Gilligan’s Island or something. Thanks for the story!

  3. If I ever get fired from a job, I’d like to go out in a blaze of ridiculous made up band names like Jake. Going out in a blaze of glory is for suckers.

  4. After the lyrics,”I’ll be there for you; these five words I swear to you,” I stopped listening. IF I WANTED TO DO MATH WHEN I TURNED ON THE RADIO, I’D LISTEN DURING ALGEBRA CLASS, JON BON JERKY. *ahem*

  5. *beef* jerky –also, not Mom, but Allison

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