…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Philip Krauss

Nobody knew where it came from; all they knew was that the other day they had awakened to a giant egg sitting in the middle of Main Street. It looked like an ordinary white chicken’s egg you’d buy at the grocery store, except it was about twenty feet long and fifteen feet high.

Despite Bill Colver’s half-jokingly stated wish to crack the thing open and make the world’s largest omelet, the townspeople agreed it was best not to touch it. They didn’t know what the heck might be inside it, and they were a little scared to find out. A police officer sat watch over it 24/7 to keep the vandals and ne’er-do-wells away, and the whole town just waited.

On the third day, when the egg finally cracked open on its own and a giant chick emerged—one of the cutest, least threatening possibilities for what could have come out of that thing, not to mention one that weirdly made sense (why WOULDN’T a giant egg contain a giant chick?)—everyone was relieved and pleased.

Everyone except Philip Krauss. No one knew what he expected from that egg—Jesus, Mork from Ork, magical rays of light that stopped you from aging—but for days afterwards, he couldn’t stop saying, “I don’t know, I just thought it’d be…different.”

And when the chick was shipped off to a ranch in Montana to live out its days, Philip left town himself a few days after that.

I like to think Phil also made his way to Montana, pulled by a force he couldn’t explain, and that he reunited with that chick and they became the best of friends. I like to think Philip fashioned a saddle for the chick. I like to think he sits atop that saddle, strapped to the chick, day after day as the two of them roam the ranch, herding cattle, inseparable.

But that’s just me.


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16 thoughts on “Philip Krauss

  1. By far the BEST STORY YET! I simply loved it: I loved the elements of mystery, the sweetness of both the chick and the thought of Phil happily riding the chick similar to the boy riding the saddled ostrich in The Swiss Family Robinson. And my favorite element of all? It made me smile and gave me a happy feeling while still leaving me with a lingering wonder about what actually happened… Thank you for such a great story! And so well written–I’m so impressed.

  2. I was hoping the giant chick would grow up to be a giant chicken that would one day be town Sheriff. Cuz I dig chicks with badges…

  3. I like how easy of an acceptance the narrator has of such an absurd situation. No going on and on about A GIANT EGG–NO SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU READING THIS?! And how matter of fact he is about his charming hope for Phil. And the ginormous chick. Herding cattle.

    Nicely done!

  4. Nice one! If I may make a humble request, keep the Mork and Mindy references coming… please?

  5. Now that one had me sitting here at the computer by myself laughing out loud. Just picturing all of it! Love it! Can’t wait to read the next edition of 8thdayfiction. Love and miss you…Mom

  6. I like to think that too. Is it a green saddle? Is he wearing red boots? Might Phillip also be a gnome?

  7. Professor J. Alboot on said:

    I was thinking that the story would turn and a kind-hearted do-gooder would climb atop the egg late at night in hopes to sit upon it and help the egg incubate. Once upon the egg, the person (who’s weight clearly is too great for the shell of the giant egg) would fall through the thin shell and drown in a sea of yolk.

  8. Pretty sure I’ll have to read this to the boys, but Jonah will definitely think it should be a dinosaur egg. (Everything comes back to dinos around here.) I’m picturing illustrations like in Cowboy Small, but with a chick – that would be awesome!

    • I could see a dinosaur being in that egg…but that makes me think it would inevitably lead to Jurassic Park-style mayhem. And I love Cowboy Small (or “Cowboy Mall”, as our nephew Elijah used to say when he was little).

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