…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Dear Fan Club members,

Greetings. I hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing today with BIG NEWS.

I don’t know about you, but over the years of being involved with our organization—particularly as your President—I’ve noticed that our group’s name has caused no small amount of confusion. And, speaking for myself, I know others’ confusion has caused no small amount of irritation. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked, “Who are you fans of?”, or, “So you’re the WHAT Fan Club?”, or some other ignorant question…well, let’s just say I could’ve quit my day job and devoted myself full-time to the Fan Club!

It’s become clear to me that the general public doesn’t understand what we’re about: People with a passion for antique Asian decorative fans who gather online to share and discuss our passion, and who gather in person once a year for the Annual International Fan Club Meet-Up (and don’t even get me started on how hard it is to book a hotel over the phone while explaining the name)!

The solution suggested by some amongst us was to simply call ourselves The Fan Fan Club. The problem with this, in my humble opinion, is that it’s misleading. As mentioned, we’re passionate about our fans, but fanatics? Come on—we’re not a mob of screaming teenaged girls! (No offense, Stephanie: We’re proud to have you as part of the group, and I know I speak on behalf of all of us when I say you’re one of the most mature teens we’ve ever met).

So, taking all of this into consideration, without further ado, here is the BIG NEWS promised at the beginning of this letter:


Effective immediately, The Fan Club will henceforth be known as THE FANNIES.


I feel confident this new name will eliminate confusion, make it clear what we’re about, and most importantly, get people to sit up and take notice of the great things our Fannies are doing.

Best wishes to all of you Fannies out there. I look forward to seeing you this summer in Omaha for the Annual International Fannie Meet-Up (details coming SOON)!

With Warmest Regards,

Richard Wiener

President of THE FANNIES

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18 thoughts on “BIG NEWS

  1. I’m a big Fannie supporter. I am in agreement with the new name. Big ups to the Fannies!

  2. FANTASTIC. You managed to put in at least two surprises–what The Fan Club was actually about–antique Asian decorative fans, and then the new name. And you didn’t overdo it with Fannies word play, though the name is just asking to be part of a pun. I thought you nailed a consistent voice throughout too, and I loved that bit about Stephanie. My favorite so far.

  3. How do I sign up? (from Allison)

    • It’s easy. There’s just a one-time sign up fee of $500. MONEY ORDERS ONLY, NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

    • OK, the real way to sign up: If you’re on Mom’s computer, it probably has her email address in the field where you enter your email to leave a comment. You can type your email address over hers in the box, and then below where you write your comment, there are check boxes you can click to get updates. Thanks for reading!

    • OK, so now–several days later–I realize you were asking how to sign up for THE FANNIES, not anything with this blog (in my defense, when I look at everyone’s comments, it’s from the “dashboard”–the feature on wordpress that lets me rule my blog with an iron fist from behind the scenes), and all of the comments are viewed in one section, the post to which the comment belongs just off to the side. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not a dope for not noticing.

      Anyway, to answer your question, correctly this time: You can get a lifetime VIP membership to THE FANNIES for the low, low price of $1000. Just send the money to me and I’ll make sure Mr. Wiener gets it.

  4. I totally agree with Becky–loved the two surprises you incorporated into the story–made it such a fun read:) Poor Richard, I can’t help but feel sorry for his delusion that he has just cleared everything up!

  5. Kelli Jackson on said:

    Fannietastic! I was one of those who was confused about what/who we were fans of. Now I know! Thanks so much!

  6. Kelli Jackson on said:

    And coincidentally, I DO have a tattoo on my fanny that says “Big ups to fannies”!

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