…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Quite Simply, She Was Out Of Ideas

Her days as a hot-shot reality TV show producer were numbered. She knew that now.

Quite simply, she was out of ideas. The creative block started shortly after America’s Top Stamp Enthusiast bombed. She’d thought she had the makings of a break-out star in Quentin, one of the show’s contestants; he was like Sanjaya if Sanjaya had been a stamp collector instead of a mediocre singer.

But in hindsight, the whole premise of the show was terrible. I mean, competitive philately? Seriously? And from then on, terrible ideas were pretty much the only ideas she had. She looked over her memo pad: The Real Housewives of Jersey Shore Walmarts, Pardon My French! (an idea that had not been thought out beyond “reality show somehow involving French Stewart”), and her personal favorite, PANCAKES.

That was it. The word PANCAKES, scrawled on the page in all caps.

Maybe her sister was right. Maybe she should pack it in and move back to Millvale and take that job sis had waiting for her at the optometrist’s office where she worked.

Then it hit her. New reality show idea, set in an optometrist’s office:

The Eyes Have It?

Making a Spectacle?

Glass(es) Act?

Hocus Focus?

She sighed and started looking for her suitcase.

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4 thoughts on “Quite Simply, She Was Out Of Ideas

  1. Very clever “eye” puns. Your visist to my brother’s opthamologist office must have been really thrilling to even consider a reality show based on it, lol! And yes, I realize that the mundane nature of her ideas was really her whole problem. I’m not sure how you come up with these stories–especially with crying and/or demanding babies surrounding you! You’re amazing, as always…

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