…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

A Miracle

The motivational speaker paced the stage with purpose. She had just spent close to an hour working towards the climax of her speech and was now ready to unleash her catchphrase on the audience gathered in the hotel ballroom.

“YOU are a MIRACLE!”, she declared in a booming, big-tent-revival voice. She repeated the phrase, each time poking her index finger towards a different  section of the crowd and staring them down, lest the heaviness she was conveying go unnoticed by anyone in attendance.


Tell me something I DON’T know, Bobby Rogers thought to himself as he sat there, unmoved and fuming. I can’t believe I paid $150 for a ticket to this NONSENSE.

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2 thoughts on “A Miracle

  1. Hahaha–great set up for a funny ending. I was hoping she was going to break a high heel and face plant into a stage pillar prop and get taken out in a stretcher. “This just in…motivational speaker needs a miracle of her own…” I loved your ending though, less Three Stooges, more clever.

    • I like your ending, too. Nothing wrong with the Three Stooges. And I’m picturing Leslie Knope saying your headline, the way she does on Parks & Recreation when she’s talking to Shawna Malway-Tweep (or whatever her name is) and she starts rattling off headlines like an old-timey newswoman.

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