…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

A Bit Late

Jason woke up with a start. Something seemed off.

He fumbled for his phone, and as the display came to life, he realized what was wrong. It was ten after seven; he should have been sitting down at his desk to start his workday at that very moment.

He shot out of bed, cursed under his breath, and cleared his throat several times so he wouldn’t sound as groggy as he felt when Dennis picked up. It was the weirdest thing. He checked and double-checked: The alarm had been set, it was still set (he hadn’t turned it off in a half-asleep haze earlier that morning), the alarm was right next to his head as he—

“Support Services, this is Dennis.”

“Hi. Dennis. It’s Jason. I overslept; I’m going to be a bit late today. I—”

“Well, that explains today.”

What was that supposed to mean? Dennis sounded peeved; he was usually laid back. And Jason had NEVER been late before. He hadn’t even used any of his sick days. Something was going on.

“Um, I’m sorry…?” Jason knew he was making things worse by not already knowing what he’d done, but he just had no idea. Dennis would have to spell it out for him and he’d have to make it right after the fact.

“I appreciate you calling me today, but where were you yesterday?”


“Um, I’m—”

“It’s Friday morning, Jason. I haven’t seen you since Wednesday afternoon. I called you yesterday and you never answered. You have an entire missed workday to account for.”

Haven’t seen you since Wed—


Friday? Jason grabbed his watch—it was, in fact, two days later than when he last looked at it right before he went to sleep Wednesday night.

“Dennis, I’ll call you right back.”

He disconnected and saw: 12 MISSED CALLS; 8 NEW VOICEMAILS. Hanging up wasn’t going to make things any better with Dennis, but Jason had some things to do before continuing their conversation: He had to call his mom and let her know he wasn’t dead, call the landlord and remind him—for the THIRD time—that the gas leak hadn’t been fixed and that he’d be seeing him in court, go online for a free consultation from Jacob Bowers & Associates: The Injury Super Lawyers, and pay a visit to the ER to make sure he wasn’t brain-damaged.

It was going to be a full morning, but that was OK. He was well-rested.


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4 thoughts on “A Bit Late

  1. Very polished, it really reads well. Also reminds me of a recurring fear of oversleeping the alarm on an important day coming to life. You mix the humor and darkness well with a sprinkle of “oh crap, I showed up at middle school in my underwear nightmare.” Seems fitting for a magazine piece?

  2. I liked this one–what a fun read! Here I thought it was just a nice observational story describing a work-day mess-up but it ended up having one of your stylistic twists! Are you afraid this story is going to come true in your own life? Great story!!!!!!

    • Well, I DEFINITELY didn’t write this story on the day I actually for real overslept and was late to work, so I don’t know where this “coming true in your own life” talk is coming from.

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