…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Her Best Drawing Yet

As she moved her hand over the surface, Maggie felt inspired. This was going to be her best drawing yet. She loved the new materials she’d started working with. It was the first time she’d ever tried them, and they just made the nicest colors.

“Maggie, NO!” Mom darted across the room and yanked Maggie’s arm away from her drawing. “What have you done?”

“You don’t like it? I think it’s pretty.”

Mom dropped her head and took a few seconds to breathe. Then she looked up and held out a hand.

“Give me that.”

Maggie handed over the magnet she’d swiped from the refrigerator and started crying.

Mom bent down and hugged her. “Oh baby, it’s OK. You didn’t know. But this,” she said as she held up the magnet and then motioned towards the TV, “is permanent. Your drawing can’t be erased off there. And now we can’t watch the TV, because your drawing’s on there.”


“I don’t know why, sweetie. I don’t know how that works.”

She exhaled and stood up. “But I do know that now, maybe your Daddy will get us a flat screen and finally get rid of this thing that’s six times older than you are.” She winked at Maggie and held out her hand. “High five!”

Maggie smiled and slapped Mom’s hand. “High five!”, then added, “Mommy, this is the best getting in trouble ever!”

Mom laughed. “Yeah, it’s not bad, huh? Come on, it’s time for lunch.”

They made their way to the kitchen, where they sat together and paged through the Best Buy flier over a shared peanut butter sandwich. Maggie didn’t know what “HD” was, but it sounded nice, and Mom couldn’t stop talking about it.


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4 thoughts on “Her Best Drawing Yet

  1. Those first two paragraphs said it all! What a precious, insightful glimpse of a child’s mind. I loved this story, probably especially since I can relate to the surprises of our children’s artistic adventures in our house. I’m glad that Liliana scribbling in my address book a few minutes ago is much tamer, however, than the TV destruction in the story above! How fun, too, that it turned out to be a happy disaster for the family since they would be buying a new, nicer TV. I hope that I can always look at the little surprises in life with the same kind of silver-lining-radar that the Mom in the story seemed to have. Loved it! And that first paragraph if terrific!

  2. Loved the line, “That was my best getting in trouble ever!” Dad has been wanting a flat screen TV in the worst way. Maybe I should read this piece to Minori and Rei. What do you think?

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