…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

What The Future Holds

It was the first time all of them had been in the same room together. None of them knew what to say.

Next Big Thing finally broke the silence. “This may sound naïve or super corny”, she offered, “but I’m excited about what the future holds.”

Passé exhaled cynically. “Well, no offense, but that is, in fact, both naïve AND corny.” He waved his hand in her direction, dismissively. “Enjoy what you have going on there while it lasts, because it won’t.”

That’s a fine attitude,” Trendy said, shaking her head at Passé. She turned and gently placed a hand on Next Big Thing’s knee. “Pay no attention to him. I like your spirit. You remind me of a younger me.”

Retro cleared his throat. “Honestly, my experience has been, it’s a little from column A, a little from column B. You have your moment in the sun, it fades away, you’re forgotten, but you stick around long enough, and maybe you make a comeback.”

Vintage and Antique concurred, murmuring their approval. Antique added, “You do get a second go-round if you stick it out. It’s less intense than the first rush of fame, but you end up filling a niche. You’re not as broadly popular, but the ones who stick with you are truly devoted, which in some ways is kind of nicer.” Vintage nodded in consent.

Timeless sat back and took it all in, content to just silently observe. Idiots, she thought, and cracked the slightest smile.


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10 thoughts on “What The Future Holds

  1. Clever! Thanks for writing this!!!!

  2. Brian, I really want to write witty remarkable comments on your blog but I can’t. There’s two reasons. 1) Blog isn’t a good enough word for what you’re doing here. 2)Your writing is so fucking brilliant that I spend ten minutes after I’ve read it completely thunderstruck. I feel like a cartoon cat whose head was just clapped between two giant orchestral cymbals.

    It’s too damn good. I want this one on a coffee mug. But it’d have to be either an unreasonably large mug or a normal mug with unreadable print. Maybe needlepoint. I dunno. I just want to read it all the time.

  3. Ditto Bunnywalker, swears and all. Brilliant. And if Thomas Kinkade can get his grandma’s living room “paintings of light” or whatever on an afghan, it’s a crime against humanity to not needlepoint the crap out of a great piece of writing.

  4. You know what the Amish say–“If you’re going to bother to make a rug, make sure you latch-hook the crap out of that mother.”

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