…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Have you ever wondered why framed prints of LeRoy Neiman’s work are such a common sight in both public and private buildings across the United States?

If so, then you’ve never heard the story of the LeRoy Neiman Print Ninja.

Legend has it that, beginning in the early 1970s, the LeRoy Neiman Print Ninja began traveling coast to coast, silently and under cover of darkness breaking into private residences and (more commonly) medical and corporate office buildings. The only things left behind: Copious amounts of framed “limited edition” LeRoy Neiman art prints on the walls, and a note addressed to the buildings’ tenants/owners promising that unspeakable acts of violence would be carried out against them if ANY of the prints were taken down and/or moved.

The notes also promised violence against anyone who dared speak of the Ninja. For this reason, you will always be greeted with blank stares and professions of ignorance if you bring up the LeRoy Neiman Print Ninja in the company of anyone who owns/displays prints of Neiman’s work.

For many years, rumor had it that Neiman himself was, in fact, the LeRoy Neiman Print Ninja, something Neiman always adamantly denied. However, this theory has fallen out of favor recently; it is now widely believed that the LeRoy Neiman Print Ninja is just someone with an anger management problem and too much time and money on their hands who also just really likes sports.

But one thing is certain: Should you wake up one morning to find framed LeRoy Neiman art prints on the walls of your home, or should you discover them later in the day at your place of work, YOU WILL LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE AND YOU WILL LIKE THEM.


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