…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Food Museum

“So, basically, you want to open a restaurant?”

Wanda was furious. She was sick and tired of every single meeting with every single potential investor always playing out exactly the same way, leading up to the same idiotic question.

Wanda thought her idea was simple enough: She wanted to open a Food Museum, an institution which housed information on and preserved recipes from around the world and throughout history.

And yes, the way it would work would be, people would pay the admission fee, be shown to a seat (either individually or in groups), they’d look over the museum’s catalog and pick one or two (or more) pieces from the collection they’d like to experience in person, at which point the staff chefs would prepare the item(s) the guest(s) had chosen, which would then be brought to the guest(s) at their table, and, yes, they would eat their chosen item(s).

But that didn’t make it a restaurant.

Restaurants were a dime a dozen. The Food Museum was different; you wouldn’t go to the Food Museum for a cheeseburger and fries.

Unless, of course, you chose that experience from the museum’s 20th Century American Collection.

But the point was, the Food Museum wasn’t about eating. It was about education, about preserving history and culture.

Well, OK, it was about eating. But it was food—how could it NOT be about eating?

Sure, the museum’s collection could just be displayed under glass, like art or fossils or something…if the idea was for it to be the Boring Food Museum. But Wanda wanted visitors to the Food Museum to experience the museum’s collection with all of their senses. She wanted them to see the food, plated in a historically accurate way, to hear the sizzle, crunch, whatever other sounds the food may make, to feel their textures, to smell the foods’ aromas, and, more than anything, to enjoy the tastes of the food, just like one would at a fine…

Museum of Food.

For the life of her, Wanda could NOT understand why people ALWAYS wrote off her idea as nothing more than “a restaurant”.

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4 thoughts on “Food Museum

  1. Well, I for one am for Wanda’s idea: I would love to experience a food museum. Actually, that would be a good idea for a restaurant. Hmmm, I think I understand her problem with explaining it, ha ha! Fun story.

    • I liked the idea of someone who was so wrapped up in an idea they thought was groundbreaking and original that they couldn’t see how similar it was to an already existing thing. I think a “food museum” would be cool, too…but it sounds like the idea for a trendy restaurant. I guess I just found it amusing to have a character who was so adamant about the fact that what she wanted to do TOTALLY WAS NOT a restaurant.

  2. I think you portrayed her being oblivious to the obvious facts really well, and she seems genuinely ticked with the label “restaurant.” Wasn’t there some kind of inventor’s reality show on tv where people like Wanda tried to get their “novel” idea off the ground? I’m sure there was a similar amount of delusion present. 🙂

    • Yeah, there was a show called American Inventor that was on for a season or two. Never really watched it, but I’m sure you’re right about the level of “inventing” going on there.

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