…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Happy But Sad

Abbie found Kyle sitting out on the front step, staring at the night sky.

She sat down beside him. “Hey, watcha thinkin’ about?”

Still staring up, not looking at her, he said, “Did you ever feel happy for someone else, but sad for yourself, and then you feel guilty because who cares what you think, it’s not your life, and this…other person, and her sons, are going back to their normal lives and that’s the way it should be, especially because this other person has been away from her husband for a year, but you still want this other person and her sons to know that they’ll be missed and things won’t be the same without them, and it was so special having them around for so long even though it wasn’t under the best of circumstances, and you also want to say that you’re sorry you didn’t spend as much time with them as you wanted to while they were around, but you hope this other person and her sons know that you love them and it was great having them here and you hope they have safe travels back home and get back to normal quickly because that will make you happy even though you’ll miss them and that’ll suck…you ever feel that way?”

Abbie hugged him and said, “Yeah…I think I know what you’re talking about.”

Kyle hugged her back and said, “I’ll miss you and those little maniacs, Sis.”

“I’ll miss you too…and if you’d like, I could always leave the boys here.”

They looked at each other and had a good laugh.

*For my sister Allison and her little maniacs, Minori and Rei. We miss you already.*


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8 thoughts on “Happy But Sad

  1. I knew what this story was about from “other person and her sons” because I, too, have been thinking about them and feeling odd that I should feel sad when I know it is such a happy occassion for them to be able to return home to Japan after the horrible tsunami. I wish my sister-in-law and her nephews could be nearby always because it was such a treat to celebrate the holidays with them throughout the year but an even bigger wish is that they can readjust to their wonderful life with Jo in the amazing and beautiful city of Iwaki. May it be a happy, happy homecoming for you today! I hope the boys readjust to school and home and all the lovely aspects of having their Daddy and his parents close by! I’m so happy you are all back home! Best wishes for a happy Spring in beautiful Japan! We miss you!

  2. That was so touching, and I know that Allison will be happy and sad at the same time when she reads it (if her “little maniacs” will give her a few moments of peace and quiet so that she CAN, in fact, read it 🙂 Love you, Mom

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