…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Six was straight up FREAKING OUT: Cold sweats, pacing, constantly looking over his shoulder, hearing things, talking to himself—the works.

He was so worked up he didn’t see Nine enter the room and didn’t notice her even when she was right next to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Si—”

He jumped and swung around, flailing his arms, and blanched when he saw her, blurting out, “BLAAAGAAH! AAAHYOU’RENOTREALYOU’REAGHOSTIREBUKEYOU! GAAH!”, while shielding his eyes and crumpling to the floor.

“Six…Six. Six, SIX!”

He stopped blubbering and peered up at Nine through his fingers.

“Six, it’s me…Nine. In the flesh. I’m not a ghost, I promise.” She extended a hand to him.

He tentatively reached out, shaking, took her hand, and slowly rose from his knees.

“B-but…I thought t-that…Seven…”

“Ate me?” Nine smiled, shook her head, and placed a hand on Six’s shoulder. “Oh, sweetie—that was a joke. Seven isn’t going to hurt anyone, and he’s certainly not going to eat any—”

“I’m HUNGRY!” Seven bellowed as he popped his head out from around the corner, opening his mouth in a wide, sinister smile, revealing a set of sharp (and fake) vampire teeth.

Six jumped again, took one look at Seven, and with a faint “gahuhh” sound, fainted.

Nine turned around and scowled at Seven as she bent down to fan Six. “Really?”

Seven shrugged. “What?”

Eight walked in behind Seven. “Oh, that was CLASSIC. Did you—”

Nine gave him a death stare, too, and he immediately backed off, saying, “Oh, no, but…yeah, I’ll go get some cold water”, and turned right around and left with Seven in tow.

Nine sighed and turned back to Six, lightly slapping him on the cheek. “Sometimes I wish I was a double-digit number,” she muttered to herself. “They just seem so much more mature.”


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2 thoughts on “7,8,9

  1. That Seven is such a zany guy. Clever story, fo sho.

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