…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Pre-Sleep Thoughts

Man, I feel lame-o.

I‘ve never gone to bed this early, I mean, it’s still kinda light out, but GOOD LORD am I tired; I was barely functional today; I was almost dizzy I was so tired…I don’t know what it is; I used to go, go, go until I dropped and then I’d get up and go some more, but lately…Eh, maybe I’m just getting sick…or maybe I’m getting old or maybe it’s stress I mean I don’t physically exert myself I sit all day but it is mentally exhausting sometimes; some of the people I work with are morons, that’s for sure, and I don’t even mean “morons” as in I think they’re annoying or obnoxious I mean “morons” as in I seriously don’t know how some of them function in the real world, like, I’m surprised they can dress themselves, let alone hold down a…(yawn)…job…

…MAN it feels good to be flat on my back…I must hunch over a lot and not even…(yawn)…know it…

…and this pillow feels, I don’t know, extra…fluffy or something…it’s just nice to rest and be off my…




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2 thoughts on “Pre-Sleep Thoughts

  1. I am a fan of the stream of consciousness style here. Maybe not a “story” but a very relatable bit of inner monologue. I think it takes guts to give an authentic “behind the scenes” look into those normally private thoughts. I mean, it’s not like your thinking about something nasty, I’m just saying it’s cool that it comes across as honest, not “prettied up.” (As an aside, I constantly wonder similar things, as the energy level goes down the older I get. )

    Side note: if you ever have pre-sleep thoughts about something crazy like being the cat in that Paula Abdul music video “Opposites Attract,” don’t feel like you can’t post it now.

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