…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

He Couldn’t Have Been Any Clearer

Gabe was starting to get irritated with people.

They would show up at his store, often with their kids, interested in buying one of his designs.

But when he’d get the needles out, they’d get all mad and their kids would start crying and they’d yell at him and accuse him of “false advertising” and leave in a huff.

As far as Gabe was concerned, he couldn’t have been any clearer. He ran a mobile tattoo parlor that was only in each physical location temporarily, and the sign he hung out front every time he set up shop advertised it as such: TEMPORARY TATTOOS.

And besides, who were these people to judge? They were bringing their little kids to get tattoos! Now, if the kid was with an adult who was willing to pay, he was going to take their money and give their kid a tattoo, but STILL.


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