…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

X-Ray Specs

Nelson knew it was a long shot that they’d actually work, but he went ahead and ordered the X-Ray specs anyway. He figured, worst case scenario, they wouldn’t work and he’d be out the twenty bucks, but maybe if he held onto them long enough he could sell them some day to a collector of retro kitsch or something.

And, best case scenario, they’d work and at long last, he’d be able to see live naked girls. He knew that made him a creep, but he didn’t care. He was a horny fifteen-year old, the kind who ordered X-Ray specs from an ad in the back pages of a comic book. Chances are, he wasn’t going to be seeing a naked girl by any other means any time soon.

The glasses finally arrived the advertised four to six weeks later, and Nelson couldn’t believe it, but they actually worked.

Unfortunately for him, though, the specs worked a little too well.

The problem was, they were literally X-Ray specs. When he wore them, Nelson didn’t get the peep show he’d hoped for–all he saw were a bunch of walking skeletons.

But on the plus side, he was able to use the specs to score himself a part-time after school job at the local orthopedic surgeon’s office, and that beat bagging groceries.


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2 thoughts on “X-Ray Specs

  1. bunnywalker on said:

    I think they did something similar to this on Amazing Stories….of course yours has a better ending.

    • I remember that show. The two episodes of that I remember (and I’m probably remembering them wrong) were the one where the guy got magnetized and through some strange series of events it turned out he had to kiss the nerdy girl at school to get de-magnetized, and the machine gunner who was in the plane with the landing gear that was damaged and he drew cartoon landing gear that miraculously “came to life” and let the plane land.

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