…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Slime Mold

“This slime mold is out of control! We need to throw some bleach and water on it STAT!”

Sitting in his room–minus dinner–moments after he’d uttered those very words, Bobby realized a bit too late that Mom did not appreciate having her Jell-O salad spoken of in those terms.

But he decided it was worth it. The lines had received a pretty good laugh from the rest of the family; he’d even caught Dad chuckling a little bit.

And plus, it was cube steak and canned generic green bean night. He wasn’t missing anything.

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2 thoughts on “Slime Mold

  1. Allison on said:

    Ewww!! Love the jello salad; hate the cube steak. And Paul Stoudt can keep his generic green beans. Oh wait, did those come from him? Or did Mom find those at Daub’s? HAHA

    • The generic green beans were courtesy of Paul Stoudt. Those were the classic pair along with Paul Stoudt burgers. I decided putting “Paul Stoudt burgers and generic green beans” in the story would be a little too much of an inside joke.

      The cube steak came from the grocery store. Mom bought it because Dad liked it, even though the rest of us hated it.

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