…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

One Of Those Days

It was one of those days.

Stan’s entire family needed new shoes. All of them; somehow they’d timed it perfectly so that all of their shoes had worn out in sync.

But Stan decided to do things differently this time. Instead of dragging the entire family to the mall for a Nightmare Shoe-Shop-A-Thon, he decided he’d order new shoes for everyone from tom’s.com. He’d read some stuff about the company and liked what they were all about. Also, he liked that the shopping for everyone could be done on his own, in a few minutes with a few clicks, as opposed to with the whole family, in an eternity at a Foot Locker.

He completed his order, very pleased with himself for helping others while being so efficient.

But then he noticed the fine print: He’d placed his order during the TOMS Annual Opposite Day Sale; for every pair of shoes ordered during the sale, they took a pair away from a child in need. He tried to cancel the order, and the Web site informed him that reversing the order was considered an additional transaction and another pair of shoes were going to be taken from another child in need. The site then automatically redirected him to the “TOMS Needy Kids Haters’ Wall of Shame”, where his name, contact information, and–inexplicably–a photo of him were posted.

Stan turned off the computer and got out a pen and paper to fire off an angry letter to TOM, whoever he was, unaware that the shenanigans that had just taken place were the result of logging in to a bogus TOMS Web site (the real site: toms.com, not tom’s.com) set up by scammers who were already busy mining his personal data and stealing his identity as he sat there and wrote.

One of those days? It was going to be one of those months.


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