…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Snuff, The Regular Dragon

Snuff kind of hated his step-brother.

First and foremost on the list of reasons why was the nickname. Snuff was the one who saved up his money for months so he could buy The Big Book of Amazing Illusions, and Snuff was the one who stayed up all night every night for weeks after getting the book to memorize every trick in it so he could impress his friends at school, and what does Puff do? Steals the book away from him, learns ONE trick (the ball in the cup, the dumbest, easiest trick in the whole book), performs it at school the next day during the lunch period right before Snuff’s–when he was going to break out his bag of tricks–and suddenly Puff’s “The Magic Dragon”.

And then there was that bratface Jackie Paper, who was Snuff’s BFF before Puff came along. Snuff knew that Jackie was only going to hang with Puff until another, cooler dragon wanted to be his friend, because that’s how Jackie rolled–he was a phony dragon tease. But Puff stealing his pal was still galling.

Also, at home it was obvious that Puff was the favorite. He’d do something stupid and immature, and Mom and Ron would just laugh and affectionately refer to him as a “rascal”, but if Snuff did the EXACT same thing? It was all, “Grow up, Snuff.” “That’s inappropriate, Snuff.” “You know better, Snuff.”

And on top of that, there was THE SONG. Some hippies had written a freaking folk song about Puff and how great he was. I mean, COME ON.

So did Snuff feel bad about starting the rumors that Puff’s song was about how he was a stoner? Sometimes–like when he’d see Puff get laughed at behind his back, get approached by the real stoners who thought Puff could hook them up, or when Puff ended up constantly being the subject of “random” locker searches at school.

But Snuff had to do something to even the score, and–“Puff”? Jackie PAPER? The rumors practically told themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Snuff, The Regular Dragon

  1. Kelli on said:

    Awesome backstory. Who knew? Besides you, I mean.. Too funny. 🙂

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