…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

End Times

“Hey, you awake?”


“So…which do you think is more likely: A robot apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse?”

“Neither. I think the most likely end times scenario is an ‘a-choco-lypse’, where the worldwide supply of cocoa gets poisoned but people keep eating it anyway because, you know, it’s chocolate.”

Paul had never thought of that before.

And now he couldn’t unthink it.

Which made for a lousy night’s sleep, what with there being a third doomsday possibility to fret over.

It wasn’t until around 3PM the next day at work that it dawned on Paul that Grace had probably been mocking him the night before. And then, he just felt stupid that he had skipped his usual late morning candy bar snack break just in case the a-choco-lypse had already begun and no one knew it yet.

That evening, on his way home from work, Paul decided he’d stop at the store and pick up a big bag of mini Snickers bars. And if Grace thought she was getting any of them, she had another thing coming.


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