…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Megan In The Hat

A few weeks back, Dan had decided to try an online dating site for the first time. And now here he was, at the bar waiting to meet his date.

He knew her first name (Megan) and a few random facts about her he’d picked up via the brief exchange of emails they’d had before agreeing to meet in person.

One of those facts was that she liked Italian food. He did too, so they agreed to meet at La Trattoria for the standard dinner and a movie. He figured they’d go basic this time, and if they hit it off they could do something more original next time. Plus, he had told her the movie was her choice, and he was curious about what she would pick.

He was also curious about what she looked like. One of the things they had not exchanged in their emails were pictures. Dan was OK with that; he understood that she was hesitant to send a picture to some guy she’d never met, especially some guy on a dating site. He hadn’t sent a picture, either–he’d also felt kind of weird about it. But that wasn’t a dealbreaker for either of them, so when they had their first phone call the other night to talk “live” for a bit and plan the date, they had just agreed to meet at the restaurant’s bar around six-ish; Megan had told him she’d be wearing a “crow shade” hat.

Dan waited at the bar for a few hours. He did see one cute girl in a knit hat, but no one wearing a wide-brimmed hat with crows on it, which he figured would be pretty noticeable.

He looked at his watch. It was late–too late to catch a movie, even if they skipped dinner altogether. Dan finally admitted to himself that he’d been stood up, finished his beer, and headed home to eat some ramen by the TV.


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