…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Phase Two

Mick sat there staring at the two index cards remaining.

He’d finally narrowed his search for a stage name down to the final two choices. After pondering it for what seemed like forever, again weighing the pros and cons of both names/personas, he finally decided to go with Barney Rumble.

He figured bleaching his hair and wearing animal skins would be a pain, but still lower maintenance than keeping his hair long, growing a mustache, and finding an Archie Bunker lookalike to play his manager, which is what he would’ve had to do had he chosen instead to wrestle as The Musclebound Meathead. And also, he would’ve had to wear a lot of denim–not an ideal fabric for in the ring.

So now that Phase One of his career transition was complete, Mick was ready for Phase Two: He was going to give his two weeks’ notice at the accounting firm, get himself a gym membership, and make some calls to see about scoring some steroids.


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