…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Carolyn Will Be Back

Carolyn emerged from the stall, washed her hands, reached for a paper towel, and saw it was one of those automatic towel dispensers.

She absent-mindedly waved her hand in front of the sensor. The dispenser made a low and resigned whirring sound as it rolled out the section of paper towel, slowly and sadly.

Carolyn tore the towel off, dried her hands, and decided to give the machine a pep talk.

She patted it gently, saying “Aw, buck up, buddy! I know your job is a grind, but hang in there!”

Carolyn heard water running in the sink a few feet behind her. She turned and saw another woman washing her hands, giving Carolyn and her new friend a look.

She shrugged and said to the woman, “What can I say? Us Skynet creations need to stick together.”

As she exited the bathroom, she formed her left hand into a gun, pointed it at the woman, “shot”, smiled and winked at her, then said “I’ll be back” over her shoulder to the woman as she walked out the door.

Too much, Carolyn thought to herself. “‘I’ll be back’–too on the nose. I should’ve left it at the gun and the wink. That was more ambiguously menacing, and funnier.

And then she thought, You know? Maybe I’m taking my improv training a little too seriously.


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