…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

A Little Low On Coffee

Nancy did a quick survey of the kitchen, peeking in the refrigerator, the freezer, and a few cabinets, then called into the living room.

“Honey, on your way home from work tomor–”

“Wait, wait! Waitwaitwait!” Gabe shouted as he came barreling in from the other room, pen and steno pad in hand. He sat down at the kitchen table, clicked open the pen, and flipped the pad open to a new page.

“OK, go ahead. And remember: Talk at your normal rate of speed. DON’T slow down for me, OK? All right, go ahead.”

Nancy rolled her eyes, then decided to have a little fun with him.


“OK, OK…talking fast on purpose. That’s all right; I like a challenge.” Gabe said, scribbling furiously. “Aaaand…let me read that back to you: ‘Honey, on your way home from work tomorrow, can you pick up milk and bread. And also, we’re getting low on coffee, so get that too if you want some.’…so?”

“Well, I think I actually said ‘a little low on coffee’, not just ‘low’.”

“So you think you said it that way, or you know? You need to KNOW, Nance. I can’t go on what you think you said.”

“Fine–I KNOW I said it, I know. Geez Louise, Gabe.”

“In that case: Aw, crap.” Gabe shut the steno pad, clicked the pen closed, and got up from the table. “See, this is why I start training early. Two words can be the difference between a championship and an early elimination. Well, anyway, I’ll be in the living room–call me if you want to talk some more.”

Nancy didn’t want to talk any more. Not tonight, at least.

She hated this time of year, and couldn’t wait until the annual Dictation Bowl was over and done with so she and Gabe could go back to having normal conversations that didn’t double as training sessions.

She got some scrap paper and a pen out of a kitchen drawer and scrawled out BREAD MILK COFFEE on it for herself as a reminder for tomorrow–Gabe obviously wasn’t going to remember–then poured herself a glass of wine and went upstairs to watch TV. With the volume low, so Gabe wouldn’t come up and join her and attempt to transcribe every line of dialogue on NCIS.


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2 thoughts on “A Little Low On Coffee

  1. How ironic that his close attention to words for dictation practice did not translate to remembering or listening to the words–that’s actually pretty funny.

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