…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Natalie was hungry again, which meant she felt guilty again.

Natalie felt guilty about enjoying many aspects of the bleak world in which she lived. She felt guilty about liking her clones because she could try out new hairstyles on them before trying them herself. She felt guilty about dating an android, even though Spencer 2.0 was by far the best boyfriend she’d ever had, particularly since most of original Spencer’s flaws had been remedied in the new model.

And eating was probably her favorite activity, which meant it was also the one about which she probably felt the most guilty.

But she couldn’t help herself. She always looked forward to every meal, and every in-between snack, because she absolutely LOVED Soylent Green. Especially the Southwest Chipotle flavor, which was on tap for dinner. Her mouth was already watering just thinking about it as she pulled the Soylent Green Chile Sauce out of the kitchen cupboard in preparation. It had been many hours since she had gorged on the French Toast and Shrimp Cocktail flavors at brunch that morning, and as much as she hated herself for feeling this way, she was ready to dig in.

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