…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

The Whole Story

When people asked Ben why he was going to clown college, he didn’t tell them the whole story.

He didn’t tell them that he knew that someday companies would start sending crews into space to mine asteroids, and on that very first crew who got sent on the first ever asteroid mining expedition they’d surely want a clown on board for entertainment, and that he would be that clown, and that he’d come back from that successful mission the world’s most famous clown, and that he’d go on the Today show to talk about how there was a point during the expedition when things weren’t going well and the crew was completely demoralized and it was at that point that he sprung into action and performed his “pulling a ridiculously long chain of tied-together, multi-colored handkerchiefs out of the shirt sleeve” routine which completely turned things around and basically saved the mission from complete failure.

No, Ben didn’t tell anyone that. He just told them he liked making people laugh.

After all, it was the truth–he did like to make people laugh. And he didn’t want to jinx the rest of the plan by talking about it too much.


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