…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Crafts & Sewing

Broidy was moments away from drifting off to sleep when he heard muffled sobs coming from the shelf below.

“Hey, who is that? You OK, my man?”

“Oh, um…I’m (sniff) fine.”

“PF, is that you?” (Broidy pretty much knew it was him).

“Yeah…I’m sorry I disturbed you. D-don’t worry about me…(sniff).”

“Come on now, big guy. What’s on your mind?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just…the usual thing. I’m just tired of being me: The dumbest item in the Crafts & Sewing Department. I’m boring and stupid and nobody likes me. I don’t get to be like you, Broidy–on the outside where everyone can see you. You’re lucky.”

“Just hold on a minute there. Do you know how important you are? You’re Poly-Fil! You’re the stuff that makes pillows fluffy! You’re the “stuff” in stuffed animals, baby! Without you, a sock monkey would be nothing more than a WIND sock monkey, am I right?”

PF giggled a bit between sniffles.

“You’re the man! Sure, I might get all the glory because I end up on the design on the outside, but who gives people a soft cushion for their heads? Who makes kids’ animals huggable? Who adds that extra layer of protection and insulation to padded clothing?”

“I do”, PF whispered.

“You’re darn right you do! PF, so many sewing projects would be NOTHING without you. Don’t ever think you’re not important because you can’t be seen. We all have much respect for you, my man.”


“Heck yeah!”

“Wow…thanks, Broidy. And good night.”

“Night, PF. Sleep tight.”

Broidy began singing a beautiful rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings” to his friend, and within minutes, PF had drifted off into a deep, contented sleep.

And unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Aisle 5 in the Crafts & Sewing Department, J.B. the night janitor was just one row over and had overheard the whole thing. He tried telling people about it, but no one believed him.

I mean, everyone knew the embroidery floss could talk, but the idea that the Poly-Fil was also talking? THAT was just nuts.

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