…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

You Don’t Just Ignore A Message From God

When people asked him how he had come up with the idea, Mason told them the truth: It had come to him in a dream.

God had appeared to him in the form of a burning VHS tape and told Mason his destiny was to set the world record for most continuous hours spent watching and re-watching Madea Goes To Jail.

So Mason was doing it. As the credits rolled on his sixth consecutive viewing of the movie, Mason stood up and stretched, then sat back down and took a conservative sip of water (“continuous hours” meant continuous–the only pauses allowed were to push the appropriate buttons on the DVD’s remote to get the movie started from the beginning again once it ended; no sleep, no bathroom breaks).

Mason rubbed his forehead. He didn’t even like Tyler Perry; he was starting to realize that setting this record was going to be way harder than he thought it would be.

But what was he going to do, quit? No, that wasn’t an option. You don’t just ignore a message from God–Mason knew that. So he leaned back in his chair, grabbed the remote, cued up the movie to start again, and gripped the armrests, steeling himself.

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Just Ignore A Message From God

  1. I certainly would have questioned a god that suggests that this was my “mission”. But hey, God loves the cross-dressers.

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