…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

One More Night

“…so he finishes doing his jug-band dance, in his bear suit, to “The Bare Necessities”, which is playing on this portable cassette player he brought with him, and then he removes the head of his bear suit, gets down on his knees, and says, “Cassie, I can’t ‘bear’ to be without you.””

“Wow. I like that he decided to top off that phenomenally bad idea with a terrible pun.”

“I know, right? Oh, and did I mention that this took place at our rehearsal dinner?”

“WHAT?! Dear Lord. So, did Greg kill the guy or what?”

“No, no. He felt sorry for Danny. Greg knew I wasn’t going to leave him the night before our wedding for a guy in a bear suit–he’s cool like that. There wasn’t a threat there, nothing to be mad about…OK, so I’ve told you my most embarrassing post-breakup story. I’m sure you must have one, too. So, out with it.”

“What? No.”

“Oh, come on.”

“No, really. I’m boring. I definitely couldn’t tell you anything as crazy as an ex in a bear suit.”

Janie was lying. She did have one story. A story about how one evening years ago, she was awakened by a tapping at her bedroom window. She had gone to the window and opened it…and was promptly hit in the face with a rock her ex-boyfriend had thrown from the front yard below. She went downstairs and outside, where Jason was waiting.

And after apologizing profusely for nearly putting her eye out, Jason launched into an extremely awkward rendition of “One More Night”.

Awkward because he had brought along his little sister to sing the backing vocals. Awkward because he had also brought his sax so he could play the solo (poorly; Janie clearly remembered it sounding like geese being murdered–she was sure her parents were going to wake up and call the police). Awkward because the phrase “one more night” doesn’t suggest “please reconsider your decision to dump me” as much as it does “I’d like to hit that once more, for old time’s sake”.

Yes, under different circumstances, it would have been a great story to tell. But under Janie’s circumstances, it was not. Because, while she didn’t take Jason back that night due to being extremely weirded out, she eventually came around and saw that he meant well…and even more eventually and a few years later, she fell in love with and married him.

She and Jason and Kara had never mentioned that Phil Collins-filled, unbeknownst-to-them-at-the-time life-changing evening since then. There seemed to be this unspoken agreementĀ among them that, although Jason’s romantic gambit had ultimately paid off, it was just too lame to speak of. And Janie wasn’t about to start blabbing now.


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2 thoughts on “One More Night

  1. Allison on said:

    So, not exactly John Cusack with a boom box hoisted over his head. I like that he thought of backing vocals and the sax solo, though. Nice touches.

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