…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Larry was the first to speak up.

“Well, now that Todd is gone, I’m in charge here.”

Marcus took exception to that. “Larry, we just lost Todd. Show a little respect. And why you?”

“Marcus, I am in charge here because I am the tallest. And, I have the most hair. Any questions?”

The others were silent.

“Good, because I–”

The group all felt a rumbling on the ground. From out of nowhere, a giant appeared, reached down and grabbed Larry, and tore him in half. Then, holding Larry’s upper body in his hands, the giant took a deep breath and blew all the hair off Larry’s head, threw his bald upper half back to the ground, and ran off just as quickly as he’d arrived.

The rest of the group was still in shock when three more giants appeared, crushing all of the others under their enormous feet.

All of the others, that is, except for Marcus. When the carnage had ended, he was the only survivor. He stood there, surrounded by Larry’s violated carcass and the crushed bodies of the rest of the group.

Marcus didn’t understand. Why did this happen? Why did he survive? Why–

His thoughts were cut short by the spinning blade of a lawn mower. And just like that, in a matter of seconds, the entire group had been violently eliminated.

But such was life in a dandelion clump.

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6 thoughts on “Carnage

  1. This is really funny – thanks. I needed a laugh right now.

  2. Emily told me that I needed to read this one. I’ve missed some, being in the hospital and all. I’ve never really felt sympathy for a dandelion before. Weird. I’m going to bury these feelings and continue my plans for ruthless dandelion genocide. Of course, that will have to wait until I’m walking normally again. So, dandelions… breath easy for now, but your time will come.

  3. Kelli Jackson on said:

    This was brilliant, hats off to you! Loved it!

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