…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Lazy Love Story

There was a woman. And she was beautiful. She was young (because you can’t be old and beautiful, and who cares about non-beautiful people, especially non-beautiful women) and blonde, I guess. And she was charming and all that, too. Everyone loved her, and there was no doubt that everyone’s life would be irreversibly changed if anything ever happened to her (FORESHADOWING!).

She met this guy who was no slouch himself. But there was initially tension between them because, I don’t know, he was a Republican and she was a Democrat. Or his parents and her parents didn’t get along. Or she was his boss. Or he was seeing someone else when they first met, or maybe he was even engaged. Something like that.

They overcame this tension through a series of mostly humorous but sometimes melodramatic escapades, many involving her sister, her gay best friend, and the guy’s gang of stereotypically boorish guy friends. And then they were in love and it was really satisfying to everyone because they were OBVIOUSLY meant to be together and stuff.

But then, SHE TOTALLY DIES. Which was unexpected because remember: She was young. And beautiful. It was in a car accident, or she got cancer, or something shocking like that. And it was DEVASTATING.

But all of the people in her life coped with it in their own ways and realized they were blessed to have even known her and they decided they’d all honor her memory in some way and they did so with laughter and love and tears of both happiness and sadness, which pretty much resolved everything.


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