…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Constant Craving’d

“Brad to stop ‘Constant Craving’ me!”
“Braaaaaad to stop ‘Constant Craving’ me!”

Josie stood there staring at her kids. Trina was looking pained, and Brad was looking very pleased with himself. Brad had only heard that song for the first time yesterday, but ever since then, he’d been ‘Constant Craving’ his sister non-stop: Echoing everything she said on about a one second delay. It was the most annoying Brad had been towards his sister since two weeks earlier when he wouldn’t stop Fred Schneidering her.

Josie put a hand to her temple. It was too early into summer vacation for this nonsense. “Brad, knock it off. And both of you, I don’t know–find something to do. If you’re bored you can both clean your rooms, for one thing.” The kids walked away, Trina sulking, Brad still smiling.

She returned to washing dishes and made a mental note to see if it was too late to send the kids to camp or at least sign them up for the library’s summer reading program or something.

She also turned off the radio and made a note to stop listening to the Totally 90s Hits station while doing the dishes; Brad was getting too many ideas from it.

And then it occurred to her: Was she really that old that her music held little more than novelty value for her kids? She was listening to the radio, so all signs pointed to “yes”. Josie sighed and returned to her scrubbing.

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2 thoughts on “Constant Craving’d

  1. Allison on said:

    Note to self: I am old.

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