…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Glen Campbell Head World

Blaine wasn’t sure how it had happened–his best guess was that it had taken place one morning when he decided on a whim to take a different jogging route–but how it had happened wasn’t important at this point. The fact was, he had somehow stumbled into an alternate universe where every other person had Glen Campbell’s head, and he couldn’t find his way out so he was making the best of it.

And he was doing quite well, actually. Sure, he missed his friends and family in the regular universe, and he sometimes wondered if they missed him, too. And there had certainly been a time of adjusting to his new universe–he, of course, had freaked the heck out for a while after showing in up Glen Campbell Head World, as had all the Glen Campbell Head People. After all, in their world, HE was the mutant, what with his non-Glen Campbell head. They had even briefly thrown Blaine in jail, until he had convinced them (with the help of a friendly, open-minded, Glen Campbell-headed lawyer) that he wasn’t an alien or a monster and wasn’t there to destroy them. And being the only non-Glen Campbell-headed person in the (Glen Campbell Head) world certainly had its other disadvantages. Blaine couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without being recognized and gawked at; his distinctive appearance made him a bit of a celebrity, with all of the loss of privacy and other annoyances that came with it.

But that was all rhinestones under the cowboy at this point. Things were looking up. Blaine was using his novel looks and its attending fame to his advantage. He had scored a deal to host his own daytime TV talk show (AM Blaine!) and was highly sought after as a commercial pitchman–it turned out people were mesmerized by his non-Glen Campbell head and paid close attention to the words that came out of its mouth.

And he was happily engaged to Sandy. Sure, she was a butterGlenCampbellface, but he saw past that, just as she was able to see past his freakish non-Glen Campbell face. The love they shared was more than Glen Campbell’s head deep. In fact, it was the first time in his life that Blaine had ever been truly in love.

And every time he looked into Sandy’s piercing Glen Campbell eyes and stroked her perfectly shellacked Glen Campbell hair, Blaine was at peace with the fact that he had mistakenly jogged into that glowing portal two and a half years ago and ended up in Glen Campbell Head World. In fact, as far as he was concerned, he hadn’t entered that portal “mistakenly”. He was convinced he was meant to be there.

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3 thoughts on “Glen Campbell Head World

  1. Allison on said:

    I can relate to the message here, Glen Campbell references notwithstanding. At any given time, I am most likely the only Caucasian head in the building. Now all I need is my own morning talk show.

  2. Kelli Jackson on said:

    I think that his jog took him into a Glen Campbell “Head Shop” and he has been stoned for a few hours, thinking it has been two and a half years. Hopefully his high will wear off soon and he will be on his way back to Blaine’s World “Party time, Excellent”.

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