…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Sandra poured herself a cup of coffee, then picked up the carafe labeled “half-and-half” and topped it off. She picked up a stirrer and whisked it around the cup for a few seconds, affixed the travel lid, and took a sip. She immediately did a spit take into the coffee pots lined up on the counter, then started gasping and coughing.

“You OK, ma’am?” said the clerk behind the counter.

She turned her head towards him while still gripping the counter, looking gray. She was partially hunched over. “Either this is the world’s worst coffee, or this half-and-half is rancid!”

The clerk stepped out from behind the counter, walked over to the coffee area, and examined the carafe.

“Oh. You put the “healthy choice” half-and-half in your coffee. It’s my own creation. Instead of half cream/half milk, it’s half cream/half fish oil.”

Sandra turned a paler shade of gray. “But…why?”

“Fish oil’s good for you.”

“Well so is broccoli, but I don’t want it in my coffee.”

“No, you’re right about that. I tried a mixture once that was half cream/half pureed broccoli. It was gross.”

“But…you’re OK with fish oil?”

“Yeah. I started trying to find ways to add it to my diet ever since I had a heart attack seven years ago, and this was one of the ways I figured out how to add it. And all I know is, I haven’t had any heart problems since then.”

The clerk went back behind the counter.

Sandra stood there staring at her spit-spattered cup, thinking. Heart disease ran in her family. And she didn’t even like the taste of coffee itself when she had first started drinking it years ago.

She paid for her coffee and left. As she headed home, she thought to herself this is for my heart with each sip she choked down.


What you can’t tell from this crappy blurry photo is that the two blobs on either side of the date both say “183”, as in, the 183rd day of the year, and 183 days left in the year. In other words, this story posted today, the one I wrote the first draft of on July 1st, marks the exact half-way point in the year and in this writing challenge. THANK YOU to all of you who read, comment, like, and share. It means a lot to me! I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories so far and that the second half of the year is decent, too…or else it’s at least entertaining watching me limp across the finish line.


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