…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Whole Room Carpeting

Judy was upstairs tidying the bedroom when she heard one of the men call up to her.

“Ma’am? We’re just about finished here if you want to come take a look.”

Judy hurried downstairs. She had been looking forward to getting the new carpet in the living room for weeks and couldn’t wait to see what it looked like.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, turned the corner, maneuvering around the living room furniture that had been temporarily moved out of the room, and there it was: Brand new lush slate blue carpet on the floor.

And on the walls. And on the ceiling.

“Oh…you carpeted…everything.”

“Yes, ma’am. You signed up for the “whole room” carpeting.”

“Oh. Right…um…”

“So if you could just sign here. You don’t owe us anything today–we’ll send you the bill.” He held out a clipboard and pen.

Judy signed and handed them back.

“OK, you’re all set. You need us to move the furniture back?”

“No…uh, no. That’s OK”, Judy said, staring at the freshly carpeted ceiling.

“All right, then. You have a great day.”

As the men left, Judy continued staring, trying to figure out how she was going to get the vacuum cleaner up the walls and onto the ceiling.

But, on the plus side: Mr. Whiskers was going to LOVE the new living room.

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2 thoughts on “Whole Room Carpeting

  1. Laurel F. Plank on said:

    Hey Bro! First of all, congrats on meeting your challenge for the first half of 2012. Way to go! Also, the “Whole Room Carpeting” had me laughing out loud! By the way, is Mr. Whiskers related to Hammy and Sammy Beans? Love you, Mom

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