…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Of All The Cockamamie Ideas

Stan was an idiot. Norm was sure of it now.

Of all the cockamamie ideas he had come up with over the years, this one took the cake: A “TV dinner”–a frozen complete meal you heat up in the oven that comes in its own tray so you can eat it in front of the TV or wherever you’d like.

Every time Norm thought of it, he involuntarily shook his head in disbelief. Like anyone in their right mind would prefer a sad tray of re-heated school cafeteria-grade food in front of the TV to a home-cooked meal with the family.

It was almost as dumb as those “drive-thru” windows he’d seen popping up here and there at the odd hamburger joint. Like anyone would want to eat food in their car out of a greasy paper bag–like an ANIMAL–instead of sitting down inside the restaurant and eating like a normal person.

Norm wondered about people sometimes.

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4 thoughts on “Of All The Cockamamie Ideas

  1. Allison on said:

    I still wonder about those TV dinner people. Drive-thrus, on the other hand, can be wonderful, depending!

    • Hey, do you remember when we found that Deal-A-Meal cassette tape in Uncle Huns’s basement? There was a terrific part in it where Richard is giving the listener some “tough love” and reminding them that it’s at least partially their fault they’re a lard butt. At one point, I remember him saying, accusingly (and this is paraphrased): “Do you eat in the car? A burger in your hand, a Coke in your crotch, fries on the dash?” He made it sound like it was akin to commiting a triple homicide. Which was, of course, hilarious.

      • Allison on said:

        I know you said you paraphrased that, but I really, truly hope he actually said “a Coke in your crotch.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember that treasure at all. But I DO remember that basement!!!

      • He really did say “a Coke in your crotch”. That’s the one part of that quote that’s burned into my memory.

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