…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

A Title Waiting For Its Content

Casey wasn’t artistically inclined in any way. She couldn’t draw, paint, sculpt, or design. She couldn’t write. She couldn’t dance. She couldn’t act, or tell a joke or funny stories.

She couldn’t sing or play a musical instrument, or even read music. She wasn’t even a good appreciator of music; she was one of those people who, when asked what kind of music she liked, would say “I don’t know–anything with a good beat.”

(On a side note: What kind of answer is that? “Anything with a good beat”? Sure, there’s plenty of music that doesn’t have a good beat, if by “good beat” you mean “good for dancing”–most metal, classical, and the more artsy style Kraftwerk-type techno, to name a few genres. But those styles of music aren’t trying to have a good beat. Saying you like things “with a good beat” implies “as opposed to that other stuff that tries to have a good beat but doesn’t succeed”. That type of music DOESN’T EXIST. It either has a good beat, or it’s not supposed to have a good beat. Come on, people–think about what you’re saying!)

But I digress. Casey wasn’t creatively gifted, and this bothered her, because she already had the title of her debut work figured out. She thought it would be an especially good name for a one-woman show, or maybe a jazz album. Or a memoir.

Until she somehow acquired the skills to apply to one of those endeavors, though, all she had was a title waiting for its content: Casey Nother Presents A Whole Nother Thing.

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4 thoughts on “A Title Waiting For Its Content

  1. I love the word “nother.” And is it really a word?

    • NO–“nother” is NOT a word, although people say it all the time (often as part of the phrase “a whole nother thing”). That’s one of my million grammar pet peeves. It’s either “another thing” or “a whole other thing”. There’s no such word as “nother”.

      Then again, it might be one of those non-words that has become a word because people use it so much. But that still doesn’t make it a word, as far as I’m concerned.

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