…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

The Audition

Marty’s name was called, and he got up, straightened the stack of photos he was holding, ran a hand through his hair, and entered the room.

At which point he promptly tripped about two steps in, sending his 8X10 glossies flying.

He scurried about on his hands and knees retrieving his head shots, muttering “Sorry, sorry you guys…sorry” as he crawled. He ducked under the table where the panel was seated to grab an errant photo and rose up too quickly, banging his head on the underside of the table as he backed his way out.

At that point he was covered in flop sweat, and as he stood back up, clutching a now mostly wrinkled and completely disheveled stack of photos, he ran the back of his hand across his brow, shook his head, and exhaled.

“OK, so sorry. My name is Marty Cr–”

As he stepped forward to shake hands, he slipped on one of his 8X10s he’d neglected to pick up, and he crashed to the floor, starting the humiliating scramble once more from the beginning.

He’d blown the audition. Or so he’d thought until he got the call later that same day. It turned out he’d nailed it–just not for the part for which he’d auditioned; they were passing on him for that.

But the Casting Director who had been sitting in on the auditions was also working on casting an infomercial for the MicroToastWokFryBlender, the world’s first truly all-in-one kitchen appliance. She’d been looking for someone to play “Bumbling Guy In The Kitchen”–the guy at the beginning of the ad who struggles with managing pots, pans, and all manner of kitchen appliances only to throw up his hands in frustration as if to say “Why can’t there be ONE kitchen tool to take the place of all this mess?”–and he was that Bumbling Guy.

Marty was over the moon. For the next month, he couldn’t stop talking about how he’d scored “a TV gig” and how the Casting Director had called him “a natural”.

He didn’t go into any more detail than that.


If you’re keeping score at home (and there’s no reason you should be doing so), you’ll notice that today’s piece is story number 200!!! Thanks again to all of you who read, comment, share, like…it means a lot to me. You’re the best!


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4 thoughts on “The Audition

  1. Congratulations on your 200th tale! Way to go! I’m amazed that you can still keep at this major undertaking you have set for yourself, and still keep the stories so interesting, fun, and well-written. You are amazing and I’m so impressed!

  2. Allison on said:

    Everyone really DOES get their fifteen minutes of fame.

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