…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Should’ve Gone Barefoot

Malcolm realized too late that he should’ve just gone barefoot. In hindsight, that made perfect sense.

But they had decided to get married quickly, and they had thrown the wedding plans together even more quickly. By some miracle, they had found a place where he’d be able to rent a tux on super short notice. The downside was, he wasn’t able to pick it up until an hour before the wedding, so there was no room for error–he’d barely have enough time to put it on and get to the ceremony in time.

And then, there was an error: His shoes hadn’t arrived with the tux. Malcolm didn’t own any black dress shoes, and he knew of no one who was his size who he could go visit in order to borrow their shoes this late in the game.

So when the owner of the tux place said “All I got are these–sorry”, Malcolm took them without a second thought. The tux was supposed to come with shoes, and he was the groom, for Pete’s sake–he HAD to be wearing shoes, right?

But they looked stupid and he felt stupid. Yeah, he was the groom, and the groom should be wearing shoes, but what kind of groom wears oversize red clown shoes to his own wedding? Other than a clown getting married in full costume?

And to make matters worse, the shoes really stood out against the sand in the bright sun on the beach where the ceremony took place.

Yep, Malcolm thought to himself a few weeks later as he and Cheri looked over the photos from that day. Definitely should’ve gone barefoot.


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