…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Andrea was stumped.

She’d been given over a week to come up with a catchphrase for their new client, Pinterest. And although she’d spent the vast majority of that time messing around on Pinterest, she had nothing when it came to a catchphrase.

So she went into the meeting with only five last-minute ideas she’d scribbled down in her notebook and decided she’d let the Pinterest people pick which one they liked best–which one they’d “pin”, if you will:

Pinterest: All The Fun Of Pinboards Without The Puncture Wounds!
Pinterest: Let The World Know What Type Of Jell-O Molds You Like
Pinterest: Millions of “Pinheads” Can’t Be Wrong
Pinterest: By George, I Think You’ve Pinned It! (This one would feature either a cartoon George Washington or an actor dressed like him).

It didn’t take long for the Pinterest people to come to a unanimous decision.

They all agreed Andrea and her firm should be fired immediately.


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