…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

The Patrick Duffy Machine

At long last, The Patrick Duffy Machine was complete. And more importantly, it worked. Carl now had a way to go back in time up to nine months–about the length of a network television season–and fix any mistakes he made.

It was pretty simple. All he had to do was enter the machine, set the dial for the right amount of time, flip the switch, and BOOM–the next thing he knew, he awoke in his bed, Patrick Duffy was in his bathroom taking a shower, and everything that had happened since the time set on the machine had all been a dream. Carl had been given a do-over.

It was perfect.

Well, almost perfect. He couldn’t get the machine to go back any more than nine months, no matter how hard he tried. So while Carl was able to get a second chance on that lousy date he’d had last week, he wasn’t able to redo that awful job interview from last year; he was going to have to let that one go.

Also, for whatever reason, the machine only worked for him. He had allowed a few trusted friends and family members to try it out, but it never worked for them. In fact, Tammy had been given a pretty nasty shock when she tried to turn the dial, something that had never happened with him or anyone else. He had no idea why.

And, last but not least, there was Patrick Duffy. The machine didn’t work without him, and he was a super nice guy. But he had a bad habit of overstaying his welcome; dude could NOT take a hint.

And he also took super long showers. If Carl wanted to take a shower after Patrick Duffy–or, at least, a hot shower–he was out of luck.

But still, those things were worth it in exchange for an unlimited number of second chances. And besides, Carl had thought about setting The Patrick Duffy Machine to stop Patrick Duffy from taking a lengthy shower, but he was afraid such a setting would cause the machine to collapse in on itself, and then who knows? He could end up like that Quantum Leap guy, hurtling back and forth through time willy-nilly. Nuts to that. Carl wasn’t going to tempt fate–he decided he would put up with the machine’s and Patrick Duffy’s foibles and just be happy with them both as is.


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