…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


After weeks of isolating himself in an all-bubble gum pink-colored environment–he had even worn all bubble gum pink clothing and bubble gum pink glasses with pink-tinted lenses–Pablo’s food started tasting like bubble gum, just as he had predicted. So his experiment was a success.

“Success” meaning that his hypothesis was proven correct.

But by any other definition of the word, it was questionable. Because as happy as Pablo was with the results from a scientific standpoint, he didn’t consider creating a world in which ribeye steak tasted like bubble gum a “success”.

And the bubble gum flavored baked potato was all kinds of wrong. The last straw was when he tried to blow a bubble with his steamed broccoli; he decided it was time to shut Operation Pinkness down. Besides, he had enough raw data to write up a paper on it and try to get it published.

And publish it he did. In Bubble Gum Enthusiasts Quarterly, which was not exactly his plan.

But still: Published.

And also, it took about five years for Pablo’s food to stop tasting like bubble gum.

But, still: Published.

And he instinctively cringed any time he walked past the display of gum at the local convenience store or even saw the color pink anywhere, which somewhat affected the quality of his life, what with the at-times-frequent cringing.

But, then again, still: Well, you know.

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