…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Party Of Five

Paul and his family sat on the vinyl-covered seats by the door, waiting for their table to be ready.

“Russell, party of five?”

As he watched the family next to him get up and move towards the server waiting to seat them, a familiar song started playing over the restaurant’s soundsystem. Paul cocked his head and listened carefully, then recognized the tune: “Closer To Free” by the BoDeans.

He smiled in spite of himself, shook his head, and exhaled. That was pretty bad–so bad it was actually kind of funny.

A short time later Paul’s family was called to their table. As they rose to follow the young man leading them to where they’d be dining, the hostess called another name.

“Wallace, party of five?”

And as Paul turned the corner, he saw them: The actual BoDeans, who were set up on a small stage beside the bar. Their song wasn’t just being piped in via some Muzak system or DJ. They were playing the song live, and playing it every time a “party of five” was summoned by the hostess. This was apparently their gig now.

From the top of the charts to a living bad pun of a house band at Goofy’s Bar & Grill in West Gordonton? The music business really WAS rough.

As he and his family took their seats, Paul suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of sadness.

Mostly for the bartender, who had to work all night next to that stage.

So sad.


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