…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

A Sternly-Worded Letter

When Vito checked his mail and saw he had received something from the township, he figured it was his water bill or something and opened it without a second thought.

But then he started reading and his blood began to boil. It turned out to be a sternly-worded letter from the township’s Board of Supervisors informing him that he and his pet were no longer welcome at the dog park.

Vito crumpled the letter into a tight ball and tossed it aside. He couldn’t believe the nerve of those stuck-up bureaucrats.

Sure, Chompy wasn’t a dog. But he was the best-behaved alligator Vito had ever owned, and he had been taking him to the dog park for months–MONTHS!–without incident.

But apparently, eating ONE poodle–who had been yipping and getting in Chompy’s face non-stop and whose owner had been doing nothing about it, for the record–was considered “unacceptable behavior” that made “other parkgoers and their pets uncomfortable”.

And then it occurred to Vito that the dog park was public property, paid for and maintained in part by his tax dollars.

So that settled it–he and Chompy weren’t going to take this lying down. All he had to do now was find a reputable alligator defense attorney who’d take the case.


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