…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

The Not-So-Great Cake Options

What Grace had ordered was a round white cake with “Happy 36th Birthday, Judd Cole!” written on it.

What she got was a clown spice cake with “Happy Dirty Knickers Day, Butt Hole!” written on it.

So Grace had a few not-so-great options:

1) Serve her boss the cake at his birthday party as-is (which was NOT going to happen),
2) Try to scrape off the scary clown icing face and bizarre message (and seriously–who in their right mind would come up with “Dirty Knickers Day”, even over a bad phone connection?); this also was not going to happen since after all that trouble you’d still be left with a spice cake, or
3) Refuse the “Butt Hole” cake and instead, buy the only decent-sized white cake the bakery had on hand.

Grace chose option number three, which seemed like the only sensible one. That is, until she saw the look on Judd’s face when the cake was revealed to him. It was at that moment Grace remembered that Judd had been going through a fairly nasty divorce. And suddenly, she realized that spice cake, a scary clown face, and even the term “Butt Hole” would have been preferable to a cake that had HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! written on it in giant fire engine red icing letters.

Grace mumbled something about a mix-up at the bakery as she grabbed the knife and cut into the cake, doling out pieces at a furious clip, trying to cut away the word ANNIVERSARY! as quickly as possible.

Once everyone had their cake, she slipped out of the conference room and back to her desk.

She had two things she needed to do right away:

1) Update her resume, and
2) Send a sternly-worded letter to the Better Business Bureau concerning the incompetent custom cake-decorating services offered by the Sweet Treatz Bakery.


***For my sister Sharon on her birthday. I hope no one gives you a clown spice cake that addresses you via icing as “Butt Hole”.***

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