…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Grass Man (or, Dr. Sod)

Following a freak accident involving samples of genetically modified groundcover, Dr. Colton Barkley awoke in his laboratory one evening to find his skin had been replaced with a thick layer of grass.

Upon discovering this, he had gone mad and considered turning to a life of crime.

But he decided against it. After all, he hadn’t gone THAT mad. Sure, he went a little crazy–can you blame him? But when he thought about it, what was he going to even call himself? “Grass Man”? That sounded like the nickname of the local burnout hippy pot dealer.

He kind of liked “Dr. Sod”, but then what would a grass-covered villian do? Build a gun that shoots crabgrass at people?

That seemed like a lot of work. And when he factored in what it would take to stay one step ahead of the cops and/or superheroes who would try to stop him, and that no one would be paying him to be a madman or to construct his madman weapons, and that the whole thing would probably end with his grisly death if he went down that path anyway, it just didn’t seem worth the trouble.

So Dr. Barkley went back to his job at the lab.

It was a life of quiet dignity, interrupted by the occasional break for him to weed, water, or mow himself.

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