…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


The pants were made with extra fabric above what would have been the waistband area on a traditional pair of pants. This allowed the pants to be hiked up extra high without the strain of pulling and tugging and with no added pressure to the crotch and/or butt crack areas. They came in classic fit and low rise (waistband below the nipples).

The pants were a huge success and even sparked a minor controversy when certain wearers of the brand took to sporting them drooping down, prompting a backlash of editorials and posts on various social media outlets demanding that these individuals “have some self-respect” and pull their pants up properly because “no one wants to see all of your shoulder blades”.

But as far as Rolando was concerned, any publicity was good publicity, so people could wear his pants on their heads for all he cared–as long as they kept buying and wearing them.

Because after a lifetime spent toiling anonymously in the fashion industry, one of Rolando’s designs had finally caught on.

They were called Hitchemups, and they had quickly become the hottest fashion trend among elderly men since Nike had first started making diabetic shoes.


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