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Crap In A Rain Bonnet

Tara was not a fan of the term “hot mess”, mostly because she didn’t get it. How or why was something a hot mess as opposed to a regular one? What were the tell-tale signs of hot messness?

She felt strongly enough about it that she had attempted for years (long after people had kind of stopped saying “hot mess”, actually) to come up with an alternate phrase that would replace “hot mess”.

But in the end, none of them caught on. And the victors write history, so years from now, should you happen upon a stack of Star magazines or find an archived online article with a date stamp of roughly 2005-2007-ish, you will see the random wayward celebrity or reality TV star referred to as a “hot mess”, and not a “short stack of flapjacks”, a “potpourri of suck”, a “humid shambles”, or “crap in a rain bonnet”.

Although, fun fact: Humidshambles was the name of a short-lived alt-pop band formed in 2008 and fronted by Liam Gallagher, and Crap In A Rain Bonnet was the title of their one-and-only studio album. Reviewing said album in Rolling Stone, critic Rob Sheffield described it as “Oasis minus Oasis plus the album’s title minus every word in the album’s title except the first one”.


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2 thoughts on “Crap In A Rain Bonnet

  1. Allison on said:

    Amy Poehler used the expression “Crap on a catapult!” this past season on Parks and Rec, and I loved it. Not in the sense as you describe above, but as in “Oh crap!”

    • I love Leslie Knope’s exclamations. I was hoping I didn’t unintentionally swipe one of hers, because when that phrase popped into my head it reminded me of something she’d say, and I was hoping it hadn’t “come to me” because I heard someone else say it. I think she also said “Crap on a cracker!” once, too.

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