…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Manwich Mondays

Alex hated Manwich Mondays. And the thing was, he didn’t hate Manwich. In fact, sloppy joes reminded him of cafeteria lunches in high school. Not that those lunches were good, but the lunches spent laughing and talking with his friends were some of his fondest memories from those years. So if Jack wanted to serve Manwiches to his employees for lunch every Monday as a team-building experience or to make work more enjoyable or whatever, Alex was OK with that.

What he was not OK with was the breakfast burrito filled with scrambled eggs, green peppers, processed American cheese slices and a heaping helping of Manwich (Jack called them “Manritos”) waiting for him at his desk every Monday morning. And he was also not OK with Jack watching over him and his co-workers as they choked down their complimentary breakfasts, constantly fishing for compliments with a “How are they? OK?” or a “How’re those Manritos tasting today?”

Furthermore, Alex was not OK with the Ziploc freezer bagful of Manwich Jack would plop on each of their desks every Monday, ten minutes before quitting time, like clockwork.

Jack seriously needed a girlfriend or something.

Because of Manwich Mondays, Alex had taken to parking a few blocks away from the building on Mondays at a spot conveniently near a streetside trashcan and also out of sight of Jack and the rest of the gang so he could quietly dispose of his unwanted Manwich doggy bag.

But it just so happened that one Monday on his way back to his car, Alex crossed paths with a man who appeared to be homeless. The man’s eyes grew wide when he saw Alex’s baggie and he blurted out “Dude, is that Manwich you got there?”

Alex said, “Yes it is, and it’s all yours if you’d like, because there is no way I’m eating it.”

The man (who Alex would later find out was homeless, and whose name was Wayne) grabbed the bag and Alex’s free hand and shook it fiercely, saying, “Thank you, thank you! You’re a good man! Thank you!”, then zipped open the bag and slurped down its contents in seconds flat.

And from that day forward, Alex had a standing appointment every Monday after work to hand off his take-home Manwich to Wayne.

And from that day forward, Alex decided he didn’t hate Manwich Mondays quite so much any more.

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