…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

G. Terry, Madonna

Although Sally Bartman had never run for office–and the mere thought of doing so made her slightly nauseated–she was an out and proud policy wonk and political junkie. So going to a forum on Politics and Polling featuring G. Terry Madonna was basically a perfect Saturday night for her.

But when the lights dimmed in the auditorium and the curtain opened, sitting at the table onstage was not Dr. G. Terry Madonna, prominent pollster, political science professor, and pundit. No, flanking the evening’s moderator were Gwendolyn Terry, owner and manager of G. Terry’s Tropical Fish Emporium, and Madonna.

Yes–“Like A Virgin”, “Vogue”–that Madonna.

And while Madonna was her usual tiresome self–dressed in a black leather corset, fishnets, and knee-high black leather boots, commenting about how President Obama was “sexy” and making it abundantly clear to all in attendance that she’d give herself to him were the opportunity to ever present itself, licking a crucifix she’d inexplicably brought with her, and showing off her toned arms (we get it, Madonna–you’re in great shape!)–Ms. Terry was a revelation: Smart, eloquent, witty, and well-informed. Sally was particularly impressed with her take on the Dream Act (Madonna, on the other hand, stated she supported the Dream Act because “young Latinos are hot”, then proceeded to jump up onto the table, drop to her knees, and rub her crotch while doing a series of pelvic thrusts).

So while the evening was certainly not what Sally had expected, she did gain some insight from one of the panelists.

And a few days after that, she bought herself a half-dozen Javanese Ricefish, which are really cool-looking–shiny and kind of transparent, like living, swimming fish skeletons!


This totally true story of Sally Bartman’s crazy/weird yet enlightening experience has been brought to you by G. Terry’s Tropical Fish Emporium.

G. Terry’s Tropical Fish Emporium: Come Visit Us In The Boscov’s Wing Of The Park City Mall!
And be sure to check out our blog: tropicalfishcaretipsandalsohowiseethingsinpolitics.wordpress.com! (don’t type in the exclamation point)


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10 thoughts on “G. Terry, Madonna

  1. Love the G. Terry Madonna reference. He was ALWAYS quoted in the Lancaster papers (and probably still is), and he was recently profiled in Philadelphia Magazine (maybe you saw it while at home). Dad kinda sorta knew him at one point, I think; I forget the connection. Both Delaware grads?

    • No way! Dad KNOWS G. Terry Madonna? THE G. Terry Madonna? AWESOME.

      In the one semester I was a Political Science major in college, I remember his name coming up quite a bit. I guess Grantham, PA was close enough to Lancaster that it was in his orbit.

  2. Hilarious as ever. Love your take on Madonna – does she still do all that stuff?
    Your blog is always a great read!

    • Thanks!

      This was an exaggerated take on how I feel about Madonna: Always (tiresomely) looking for attention. I don’t know if she’s actually ever done or said anything like what I’ve written, and I don’t know if she’s still up to the same old exhausted stunts, but I have seen/read about her doing similar (not quite as out-there) things.

      • I don’t know if you ever saw ‘spitting image’, a tv show in the 80’s, with these life like puppet things? They did a sketch of Madonna once where she ripped open her rib cage to show everyone what was inside – because we had seen literally everything else…I thought it was hilarious!

      • I do remember that show (although I don’t remember the Madonna scene, which sounds pretty awesome)! Weren’t those the same puppets that were in the video for that Genesis song “Land Of Confusion”?

      • I had to look it up, but yes!

      • Nice! That video’s a classic…puppet Reagan accidentally nukes the world. Good times.

  3. You got me: I actually looked up the website to see if you’d made up a fake blog to support the story! And no, I don’t think you should of–I just never know what extensive lengths you may go for your art!

    • Don’t you mean you don’t think I should HAVE? In a world where I had time to do this blog and make a fake blog to go along with the story on the real blog, I TOTALLY would of, I mean, would HAVE, done it.

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